Southern Plains Productions is proud to present Small Mouth Sounds by Drama Desk Award winner Bess Wohl. Featuring a cast of early-career artists from across the United States, Small Mouth Sounds tells the story of six individuals from different walks of life who converge on a silent-meditation retreat. When forced to confront themselves, their pasts, and each other, their vows of silence collide with the inherent human need to connect. Filled with awkward humor, this unique and compelling play asks how we address life’s biggest questions when words fail us.



        What's happening onstage during this production is not just a play. It's a whole theatre company, emerging from the wreckage that was 2020 and the aftermath of a global pandemic. It's resiliency, passion, and hope for the future. And it's artists telling stories with their own bodies and hearts. What the audience is witnessing this night is the actual future of theatre itself. It's everything that theatre should be; accessible, available, affordable, and professionally produced without a huge budget.